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Caring for the Caregiver

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Caring for an aging parent is never easy.  Many of us find ourselves part of the “sandwich generation:” caught between teenage children and aging parents who will need more and more support. The complexities, expense and emotional burdens only increase as children start driving and going away to school, and your parents are able to drive themselves less and need more help at home. There are real elder care solutions out there that can build your family up, share the load with multiple care givers and not break the bank.

The good news is, there are more elder care solutions available than ever before. Whether you are looking at independent living communities or Enriched housing programs, there are plenty of excellent options for seniors who require little to moderate levels of care.  Communities like ParkwoodHeights offer plenty of services for the various needs of aging parents including meals, housekeeping, transportation, activities and 24-hour response.  They may also provide additional services like personal care, medications reminders and assistance with day to day tasks.  Senior living communities aren’t just for frail seniors with many needs, they also suit the needs of aging parents that are fully capable of taking care of themselves, but need socialization and activity.  While it may be difficult transition at first, most seniors living at Parkwood Heights have expressed that their only regret is not having made the transition sooner.  The new lifestyle relieves them of the burden of having to mow the lawn, maintain the house, prepare meals and perhaps most importantly, prevents them from succumbing to boredom and loneliness.  It also gives peace of mind to adult children who know that their parent is happy and healthy and active in a supportive environment.

Not every caregiver is ready or willing to move their parents to a senior living community, but need a break from the day to day burden of caring for their loved one.  Parkwood Heights offers respite care for seniors as well.  Seniors can stay in a fully furnished guest suite on a temporary basis, so their caretakers can take a vacation or just recharge. The primary purpose of respite care is to provide relief from the extraordinary and intensive demands of ongoing care to someone with special needs, thereby strengthening the family's ability to provide care. Respite care is planned and proactive and is important to take advantage of before extreme stress and crisis occurs.

If you are a caregiver and are interested in options for senior housing or respite, contact Danielle at 315-986-9100.

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