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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What do you get someone who has — or has had– everything? That may be the question you’re asking yourself when trying to figure out what to get your parents. This may be an even bigger challenge if they live in an senior living facility, where their living space is limited and their needs few. Here are five gift ideas for seniors that will help you make this holiday a memorable one for your elderly parents.

  1. Gifts to help keep your elderly parents safe. This could be as simple as a paper shredder so they can shred mail and personal documents before throwing them away, or as complicated as a USB device small enough to wear, that holds their electronic medical records in case something happens.

  2. Games and puzzles to keep the mind sharp. It’s essential for seniors to keep their brain sharp, and what better way to exercise that most important muscle than with activities they can have fun with together and individually as well? Handheld video game consoles, book readers and handheld tablets all have games and applications to help with brain stimulation, dexterity and cognitive thinking.

  3. Paying a month’s worth of something they do regularly. Do your parents enjoy going to the hairdresser or the barber? Do they like going golfing on the weekends? Paying in advance for a month’s worth of an activity they love or need is a great gift for elderly parents. It saves them money and allows them to enjoy the things they love to do.

  4. A homemade greeting card kit, complete with personalized stationery, stamps and address labels, as well as an address book filled with the names, addresses, phone numbers and birthdays of family and friends makes a great gift. Often times, being in an senior living facility makes it difficult for elderly parents to keep in touch with family and friends. For an extra meaningful treat, have the young ones in the family create greeting cards of all kinds to give your elderly loved ones some variety.

  5. A photo book with your elderly parents’ story. This can include everything from childhood photos to wedding photos. There is no better gift for elderly parents than the gift of memory, and a photo book that they can look through and reminisce is a perfect way to cherish and celebrate those memories. The best part is that, as they look through the book, they can tell friends and loved ones who visit the stories behind the photos and enjoy those memories over and over again.

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