Senior Housing Connection

How Seniors Benefit from Downsizing

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Your family home holds a lot of memories, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the best space for you. As you get older, it is a good idea to think about selling your home and moving into a senior community. Downsizing in this way can bring many benefits for seniors, such as:

Having Less to Clean

Keeping your home clean is important for maintaining a healthy and attractive household. But if you still have your family home and your family moved out a while ago, then keeping the place clean on your own can be difficult. You might not be up to the task of keeping a larger home clean, and trying to keep up with chores can lead to dangers like slips or falls. When you move into an independent apartment community, you’ll have the right amount of space so it’s easy to keep your home clean and attractive.

Living in a Home that Better Suits Your Needs

A larger home can be great when you have a family to fill it, but this type of space doesn’t make much sense for an older couple or one senior living alone. Smaller spaces, like senior apartments , are designed with seniors’ needs and lifestyles in mind. Studio, 1-bedroom,  2-bedroom apartments and Villas can all be great options for seniors who are ready to downsize. Senior communities also offer services and amenities such as deliciously-cooked meals that you can enjoy instead of having to worry about cooking and cleaning responsibilities on your own.

Moving Closer to Family

It is always nice to see family, but it can be difficult to make plans together when you live far away from one another. If your current home is not close to any of your family members’ homes, then downsizing can also be a great way to move closer to your loved ones. Look for a senior living community that is close to your family members’ homes when you’re ready to downsize.

Do you think downsizing is the right choice for you? If so, contact Parkwood Heights Senior Living Community today at (315) 986-9100 or 585-223-7595. Our senior living campus offers seniors a comfortable and inviting place to call home and is a great choice if you want to downsize and make the most of retirement living.