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Friday, April 13, 2012

Over sensitivity is caused usually with Contaminated air, smoke, air - conditioning, smoke from cigarettes, work in fluorescent light are just some enemies of your skin. Your main task is to minimize those elements, that can "irritate" your skin. 

But don't give up using cosmetics. They will be helped to dispose select properly unpleasant appearance of (signs of) irritations, they will correct appearance and condition of skin. So, end with election of these products only, that has murderous advertising, they look pretty or they smell sensational. 

Body and face clean only without soap confection - special emulsion, milk or gels. Soaps in liquid plague become, it is in spite of other consistency still a soap. They include cheap washing components, a lot dyes and aromatic substances, which has irritating operation and which is often the reason of allergy. You can rub your face with delicate (non-alcoholic) tonic after washing. Don't forget about cream and body balsam it has to moisturize and oil your often dried skin and help to rebuild protective coat. You should look for those cosmetics which are special for hypoallergic skin. Then you will be sure, that they contain minimal amount of substance irritating or they do not include it at all. It is good, if it enters in their compositions additional termal water. 

Both responsive and over sensitive skin does not like changes. Best, if you will cherish it with cosmetics of one firm, because otherwise, risk of irritation grows. Trust especially those, which are bought in pharmacy, because they were processed with thought about people with specially requiring skin. If necessary ask pharmacist (in case of doubt or for advice). It is impossible to cure sensitivity neither over sensitivity, skin will be open for whole life for irritations, however, due to systematic, proper taking care of you will be able to escape recurrences of unpleasant symptoms.