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Must-Try Dinner Party Ideas for Modern Seniors

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

When you move into a senior community, it is easy for your neighbors to become your friends. You can celebrate your new friendships by planning a dinner party that you and your new pals are sure to enjoy. Consider some of these ideas if you want to make sure your dinner party is a success:

Good Music

You can’t have a party without music! No matter what type of food you plan to serve or what the dress code is for the night, you’ll want to set the scene using music. You can bring your own music to the private dining room or ask the staff to play a specific genre for you. You can also help your senior living campus guests feel included in the planning process by asking them for music recommendations.

Delicious Drinks

The chefs will be taking care of the food, but you shouldn’t forget about the drinks. The right beverage can enhance a meal and make the experience even better for you and your guests. You can’t go wrong with a nice bottle of wine that complements the food you plan to eat, but make sure you also have plenty of non-alcoholic options available for any guests who do not like wine.

Family-Style Dining

It is easy for your senior community neighbors to feel more like family than friends, so why not enjoy family-style dining at your upcoming special event? Instead of having everyone order their own meal, the chefs can create an enticing selection of delicious foods that are served on larger plates. Then, everyone can pass the plates around and try all the tasty treats.

Entertaining Games

Spending time with friends is always fun, but you should still come up with game ideas for your dinner party guests. You can stick with classic choices like charades, cards, or look for more modern board games that you think you and your friends will enjoy.

Parkwood Heights Senior Living Community makes it easy to host a fabulous and unforgettable dinner party at our senior community.Our residents enjoy delicious, restaurant-style meals in our Fireside Dining Room, and our chefs can help you plan your special event. Learn more by calling us at (315) 986-9100.