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Pittsburgh Non medical Senior Care: Vitamin C a Healthy Aging Body

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

When considering the health of your love one, it is important to look at the medications, supplements, nutrients, and minerals; they intake on a regular basis. Vitamin C, a supplement you can take daily is known to take your health care to the next level. Before you add a new supplement to your diet it is important to look at the history as well as what vitamin does for your body.

The human body is put together in a very delicate and yet interesting way. It requires a variety of different vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to function properly and to help fight infections, diseases, and inflammation.

Through extensive research, Noble Prize winner Linus Pauling discovered that Vitamin C helped prevent colds and potentially other diseases like cancer. This caused a major controversy in the 1990’s due to disbelief, however as medical doctors claimed that Vitamin C really wasn’t as beneficial for the body as Linus Pauling had claimed. So this leaves the question that is right, is Vitamin C good for the body? Or was Pauling a Quack?
So what can Vitiman C do for you and your body?

Vitamin C :

Reduce the risk of colds in half. According to reports from last year examining five trials that had people who were under heavy short-term physical stress, the people who were taking Vitamin C had cut the number of common colds in half, showing that Vitamin C helps to build the immune system.

Lower the amount of cholesterol. If a human body has too much cholesterol it can lead to heart disease and issues in arteries. By taking Vitamin C, recent studies have shown that it lowers low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol which is also known as “bad” cholesterol.

Reduce shortness of breath. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) had published findings that said taking Vitamin C helped people who suffered from Shortness of breath and coughing during exercise.

When looking at care for your or your loved one, sometimes adding supplement or two can make the world of difference. Vitamin C is also found in drinks such as orange juice and tang, which can be a refreshing way to enjoy making your body healthier. Simple cost effective tips for a healthier America!

Information obtained from an Article written in Health Radar’s December 2013 by Charlotte Libov on page 9.