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Reasons Independent/Assisted Living is Better Than Home Care

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It can be a hard decision for you to choose between living at home and receiving care there, or moving to an independent/assisted living facility. It’s important to examine the benefits of either. Let’s explore the benefits of moving to an independent/assisted living facility. Peace of Mind

First and foremost, living in an independent/assisted living facility allows you to live your life without worrying about the daily tasks that may have become tedious or difficult. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of the home is no longer necessary in an independent/assisted living facility, leaving you without the worry of having to complete those chores or get help from family to do so.

Independent/Assisted Living Gives Choices
Living in an independent/assisted living facility offers residents many options. Because the care one needs is always close by, there are no limitations on what seniors can or cannot do from going to exercise classes or to any of the other 150 activities that Parkwood Heights has on their monthly calendar that you might enjoy. Relieving Stress On Family or Caretakers While family and friends want to do all that they can to help when a loved one in their lives begin to struggle with health issues or daily responsibilities, it can be easier on everyone if living in an independent/assisted living environment is a decision that is made. Family and friends are then able to visit in a leisurely way and the loved one no longer has the worry of being a burden or asking too much.

Greater Opportunities for Recreation and Fun in Independent/Assisted Living
Independent/Assisted living facilities like Parkwood Heights offer myriad amenities including nail services, salons, Therapeutic Tub and even massages. Additionally, Fitness Rooms, Exercise Classes, Card Games are just a few of the 150 monthly activities to be found at Parkwood Heights to help residents to stay fit, improve health, or just enjoy themselves with friends.

Other Activities
If residents choose to participate, there are tons of activities that are available for seniors to participate in. From crafts to bird watching or bingo, there are tons of planned activities to engage residents and help sharpen their minds.

Parkwood Heights plans local travel for their residents. Outside events or local historical attractions are often planned destinations for residents who want to travel outside of Parkwood Heights to enjoy the local area.

Better Opportunities to Improve Health Through Physical Fitness
Few people have many pieces of exercise equipment at home. At Parkwood Heights living community, there are many options from which to choose in order to be healthy through physical fitness. Classes can be available for yoga and other exercises, Fitness Centers are available for those who want to improve strength or improve cardiovascular health.

Greater Connections
With Others Remaining at home can be isolating for you. Instead, in an independent/assisted living community, you have the opportunity to make friends and spend time with them daily either at meals or at the many activities that are offered.

We can be prone to accidents that can be serious and take a long time to recover from. At Parkwood Heights living community, you have around the clock care available that can help with any potential injuries, and prevention of them as well.

Often, home care requires a lot of investment in terms of retrofitting the home, paying for home care, and purchasing resources that will help you be safe and have access to prompt help if needed. Parkwood Heights, however, has become much more affordable and can be a far better financial choice than remaining at home.