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Senior Living Myths Debunked

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Myths about senior living

The old stereotype of grandmothers in rocking chairs and grandfathers bent over canes is hardly accurate in this day and age. As the Baby Boomers enter the next phase of their lives, they’re bringing a vibrancy to the golden years that blows those dated images out of the water. Even if you’re aware of this, though, you may be holding on to some myths about senior living.

  • Myth: People who move into senior living communities lose their independence. You don’t have to live on your own to live independently. Even if you no longer own your own home, you can live an independent life in a senior living community. In fact, because tasks like yard work, housekeeping, and maintenance are handled for you, you’ll have more freedom to enjoy your time. You can travel, pursue your hobbies, make new friends, exercise, and more, knowing you’ve got a support system in place if you need it.
  • Myth: Senior living is for people who are old, sick, or feeble. While a small percentage of people move into a senior living community from a hospital or rehabilitation center, most of them come from their own homes. Some of them enter these communities as young as 55 years old, and the majority of them are active, spirited, energetic adults with plenty of life left. Senior living facilities offer the best of all possible scenarios, providing recreational, leisure, and educational opportunities while also having care staff on hand in case they’re needed.
  • Myth: The food in senior living communities is terrible. This is one myth it’s a pleasure to dispel. Senior living communities hire chefs, nutritionists, and other professionals to make sure the food is as appetizing as it is nutritious.
  • Myth: “Senior living” is just code for nursing home. This is simply not true. There are many different types of senior living communities, offering a wide variety of services. Residents can choose to live independently, pursuing their interests without the responsibilities of owning and maintaining a home, or they can choose enriched living if they need a little help with daily activities. For those who need more assistance and care, skilled nursing is available.
  • Myth: Housing in senior living communities is cramped and impersonal.With modern floor plans and beautiful grounds, the housing at a senior living community is designed to be comfortable and homelike. The atmosphere is more spa-like than institutional, senior living offesr a variety of appealing options. You’ll truly be able to make a home in a senior living community, with as little or as much privacy as you want, and with your own, comfortable belongings.
  • Myth: Life in senior living communities is dull and depressing. One common misconception is that residents of senior living communities sit around with nothing to do, staring at the walls, but nothing could be further from the truth. Senior living life is full of interesting activities, top-notch amenities, and services that make life easier for residents. No matter what hobbies or interests you may have, you’ll find something to do at a senior living community. There’s even transportation, so that you can attend outings and medical appointments. Senior living communities are great places to make new friends, try new things, and generally enjoy life. In fact, a recent survey of people living in senior living facilities, and the vast majority of them were not only satisfied with the quality of care they received and their overall quality of life, but also with the level of independence senior living affords them.

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