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“Test Drive” your Senior Living Community

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Any Parkwood resident will tell you, moving from your home to a senior living community is a test of courage.  It’s a time that can be full of fear and uncertainty.

Instead of flying blind, why not make sure you like the accommodations, the amenities and your potential neighbors, by taking your community of choice for a “test drive?”  Parkwood Heights is one of the few communities that offers short-term and trial stays.

“You feel less nervous about the move when you know exactly what to expect,” says Kate O’Brien, Parkwood’s Executive Director “Psychologically, it is a bit more comforting.”

Potential residents have a chance to get immersed in the community, then decide if they want to move in. They can enjoy a meal, play a game of bridge, take in some entertainment and meet the residents and staff.

Trial stays can be short vacations for seniors and they allow caregivers to take much needed time off.

Whether it’s for a night, or a few weeks, it’s a good opportunity for you to become familiar with your potential home before committing.

“Moving from one’s home to a senior living environment is a life milestone,” says O’Brien “From a psychological, emotional and social perspective, temporary stays … can help relieve at least some of that pressure.”

Parkwood has impeccably appointed guest suites with full services and amenities for visitors.  You’ll enjoy a taste of the lifestyle that comes with a move to Parkwood.  Our hospitable staff will make sure your needs are met and your questions are addressed.

So pack your bags, put your worries aside and call (315) 986-9100 or (585) 223-7595 today or fill-out our form online to arrange your “vacation” at Parkwood Heights!