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Why Seniors Should Declutter

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Why Seniors Should Declutter:   

For many seniors, their home literally contains a lifetime's worth of memories. These memories can include photos, children's artwork, holiday decorations, knickknacks, furniture, old clothing among other things.

There are several reasons seniors should spend time now decluttering and cleaning out their homes.

You'll be ready to put your house on the market.

When you decide to retire to move to the Parkwood Heights Senior Campus, most likely, your house will need to be sold. Homes that are clean and free of clutter are easier to sell.

Prepare to right-size.

There are many advantages to rightsizing your living arrangements during retirement years, but doing so often means you will have less space and fewer possessions. Share those possessions and memories now with loved ones and others who will benefit from your donations.

Donations may be tax deductible

Consider donating items you do not need any longer to a charitable organization and getting a tax write-off. Homeless shelters and Goodwill can often make use of used furniture, clothing, appliances, and toys.Check with your accountant on what donations are tax deductible.

Reduce dust and other allergens.

Items you have not used for some time could be covered in allergy causing contaminants. From dust and dust mites to mold, eliminating clutter can improve the air quality in your home. You may just find you feel better after removing all the unused belongings.

Get Started

Start with one area or room at a time so you do not get overwhelmed.Take your time.

Separate items you have not used and plan on removing, into trash, donations, and family member mementos.

Ask friends and adult family members to join you.Make it fun, order pizza, play music, make up games to make the process easier.Now that you have removed the clutter, you will be left with a sense of accomplishment while you still have the belongings that are important to you