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Independent and Enriched Living at Parkwood Heights

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

As our loved ones age they often have difficulty living as independently as they once did. It’s certainly not easy to determine exactly at what point our aging parents or loved ones can no longer fully care for themselves. Many seniors are afraid to admit they need help and that usually comes down to a matter of pride. It’s natural for our loved ones to be afraid to admit they need help, whether it be minimal assistance or much more than that.

As your loved ones age, it often becomes the responsibility of their adult children to determine what level of assistance they’ll need and where they would be best off living. It can be difficult convincing your loved ones to make a lifestyle change, but providing them with information and making them more comfortable with new surroundings can help ease their anxiety level.

Many adult children opt to move their parents in with them and help them out from time to time. This is sometimes a good way to go, but often it’s difficult to provide the proper level of care and socialization they truly need. There are also home health providers that can be a good option for some seniors, but what happens when they aren’t there and your loved one needs assistance?

The best way to go is usually to relocate your loved one to a new residence that will be able to accommodate the level of care they require. There are a variety of different types of senior housing available, so you’ll want to make sure you understand the differences and can determine which would be right for your loved one.

Senior Independent Living apartments are a great way to go, whether your loved one prefers an active social life or a quieter lifestyle. There are plenty of activities available for your senior loved one including meal preparation, transportation, socialization, outings, and a personalized level of care.

Another great option for seniors is called Enriched Living. Your loved one’s needs will be met thoroughly and everything they’ll need will be taken care of. Enriched living includes a case manager who will coordinate medical appointments, order and administer medications, and review any health concerns. At Parkwood Heights, our trained Medication Technicians will visit your apartment and distribute your medication as prescribed by your doctor in the privacy of your own home.

Personal aide is available 24 hours a day and our personal care staff can assist with daily living activities including showering and bathing, dressing and grooming, housekeeping and laundry services. Residents enjoy three home-cooked meals every day in our fireside dining room (they can also be delivered to your apartment).You’ll be able to choose between basic services and plus services depending on your exact needs.

Parkwood Heights offers both Independent Living and Enriched Living.Each apartment resident at Parkwood Heights is provided with a wireless call button, in addition, each apartment is equipped with an emergency call bell system in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room.Our staff monitors and responds to these calls around the clock.

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